Boxed Beef Packages

Boxed Beef Package #1- Small 
This box is designed to share the experience with limited storage needed.
Three - 1 lbs Hamburger Packages
One - 3 lbs Roast
Two - Marinating Steaks (approx. 8 oz each)
Boxed Beef Package #2- Medium
This box is a good size for a family of 4 or a couple that really like beef.
Eight -1 lbs Hamburger Packages
One - 5 lbs Roast
 Two - 1 lbs Packages of Beef Franks or Smokies or Sausage
Four- Marinating Steaks (approx. 8 oz each)
Boxed Beef package #3- Large
This box is good for a large family or a small family of dedicated beef eaters.
Six -1 lbs Hamburger Packages
Thirty Six - Quarter Pound Hamburger Patties
Two-5 lbs Roasts
Two - Packages Sausages
Two - Packages Smokies
Two - Packages Beef Franks
Six - Marinating Steaks (approx. 8 oz each)
This selection is subject to change with seasonal availability, all weights are approximate 

Small Beef Package
Medium Beef Packag
Large Beef Package
Boxed Beef Package #1 - Small
Boxed Beef Package #1 - Medium
Boxed Beef Package #1 - Large
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Prices are subject to change without notice.

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