Chicken & Pork

After more then a year and a half of offering premium beef products to our customers we are delighted to add a selection of poultry & pork products. As we do not raise chickens or pigs ourselves, we set out to find farms that are not only raising their birds and pigs in the same ethical way as our beef, but also didn't comprise on taste, tenderness and favor.
We hope you enjoy the chicken and pork as much as we do!
Chicken Cuts
Whole Chicken

Boneless/skinless Chicken Breasts

Chicken thighs

Chicken Drumsticks

Whole leg drum/thigh attache

Split Wings

White Ground Chicken

Brown Ground Chicken

Box of Chicken Breasts

Box of Whole Thighs

Box of Chicken Drumsticks

Box of split wings

Variety box of chicken sausages

Pork Cuts
Pork Chops 




Free Range Eggs 
-Fresh Free Range Eggs from Your Local Ranch
Raw Liquid & Creamed Honey
Chicken Breast
Carton of Eggs