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About our Beef

A Passion for Traditional Beef

Premium beef, naturally raised and 100% family owned and operated!

Our beef is traditionally cut, in our government inspected facility, aged 21 days and has no added hormones.  The majority of our products are carefully wrapped by hand using butcher wrap, an honoured tradition. 
You can feel confident purchasing your beef from our ranch, knowing your beef is coming from OUR herd!  We take pride in the fact that we are unique.  We calve, raise, fatten, track and own every animal from our field to your freezer using government issued tags, along with our tracking software and corresponding numbers.  You can expect "single-origin", "whole animal" products.

You choose your boxed beef package.  You decide what beef package works best for your family's monthly budget and appetite!

All of the serving sizes are approximate and prices are subject to change with the market. Each item will be weighed when your order is created. You will be charged on the exact amount based on the price per kg except for packages which are a fixed price.

Pick up at the store on our ranch or at you Didsbury location.

**Our products are in high demand, orders will be filled on a first come first served basis. **
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