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Choosing Tradional Ways

Hanson's Bell L Ranches Brand

Your Local Ranch Ltd

- Your Traditional Ranching Family -

 The Bell L Brand has proudly labeled our livestock since 1909. Steeped in tradition and synonymous with the highest quality livestock world wide.  Today the third, fourth, fifth and sixth generations are involved producing the highest quality beef.

Our core value driver is to manage our cattle with the very best animal husbandry. We believe that "the better you treat your animal's the better they treat you!"

Our cows are pastured on grass every day of the year.  With the help of our horses, we move our cattle slowly in order to eliminate stress.  Our goal is to reduce our carbon foot print by feeding and bedding our cattle with teams of horses as well as feeding our young stock by hand.  We finish our cattle on a medley of grains and free choice of roughage that consists of grasses, forage leaves and stocks.  This provides our customers with a high quality, flavorful and tender product that is a pleasure to enjoy.  

Animal health:

According to our veterinary protocol, all our animals follow a rigid vaccination program to protect them from disease and viral infection. We believe that being proactive when it comes to herd health is fundamental. Therefore, we have a custom designed vitamin and mineral package to enhance the herd's health and vigor. Quiet, docile, and happy stock is the cornerstone in herd health. However, on the rare occasion that an animal becomes ill, we will treat the individual animal with the appropriate medicine and utmost care.  We believe that healthy is natural and that is why we have chosen not to use growth hormones or steroids.

Environmental Practices:

We are natural, we believe if one is good to ones land and rest it on occasion, the land will take care of itself.  Using this principle, we have not needed to use fertilizer on our land since 2008!  Through the use of legumes and rotational grazing, our land has the ability to rejuvenate itself. Only as a last resort we use spot spray technique on noxious weeds to protect the vitality of the pasture. We leave enough grass behind each year to compete and control the other weeds.  The pasture creates its own organic matter which enhances the soil.  We can proudly say that we are the custodians of our land.

Our Product:

Our cattle are calved and raised on our ranch just north of Calgary, Alberta.  We feed them at our ranch in spacious pens with soft beds of straw to lay on.  The cattle are hauled to a local provincially inspected butcher shop in a clean trailer without crowding.  We take every precaution to ensure the cattle are not stressed, this in return provides our customers a superior product. We are proud to be able to share with you the same high quality beef that we have always enjoyed.  We have made a conscious decision to age our beef for 21 days and to cut it in a traditional method. This traditional method we have chosen leave's more trim on and bone in when possible to enhance the flavour and eating experience. This can be removed after it is cooked if you desire. The rationale behind this is to keep the beef from drying out and leaves the door open for culinary expression with each cut of meat. Its important to note that ground beef products will be made using lean meat as this is a popular choice among our customers. 

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